Where can I mail my payment?

Attn: Payment Processing Operations
Safeco Insurance Companies
P.O. Box 66544
St. Louis, MO 63166-6544

 (be sure Policy number is on check or money order)

Can I pay online?

Yes, go to this Safeco Insurance link to access your account.

I have my policy and it says “this is not a bill”, when will I get a bill?

Generally bills are mailed out 15 days before they are due.  If you haven’t received a bill and your payment is due, please contact our office.

I have a billing question. How do I go about getting it answered?

Please contact our office if you have a billing question.

I just had an auto accident or other claim.  How do I file a claim?

1. You can direct report to Safeco by calling anytime  800-332-3226
2. You can contact our office.

Where can I get Auto Identification card(s) for my Safeco Insurance Company Automobile policy?

Replacement cards can be obtained from Safeco or our office.  We can provide these cards to you by US mail, fax or email.

I need to make a change on my current Safeco policy.  How do I go about doing that?

You can go to our website’s Service NOW website page to complete a request for a home or auto change.  You can also email our staff or call our office.

Does Safeco Insurance allow me to pay my insurance premiums by monthly bank draft?

Yes.  Please go to Safeco’s website and register to pay by bank draft.  You can also download an Automatic Deduction Authorization from our website and send to our office to start your policies on monthly bank draft.

I have misplaced my current policy.  Where can I get a copy of my policy?

You can request a copy of your policy by contacting our office.

How long do I need to keep expired insurance policies?

If you have not had any claims, then you only need to keep your current policy.  If you have had a claim, then you may want to keep the copy of the policy that covers the date of your loss until the claim has been settled.  After that you should only need your current policy.

I need to cancel my Safeco Insurance company insurance policy.  What do I need to do?

We as your agent are required to send in a cancellation request to Safeco, so you will need to sign a cancellation request form for us to send to them.  Please contact our office.  You can download a cancellation request to print and complete and return to us to cancel a policy.

See Safeco’s Frequently Asked Questions Website

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